Welcome to the Concierge Practice of Mayes DuBose, MD and Trenton Shook, MD


About Our Concierge Medicine Practice

We love practicing medicine. We believe it has truly been a calling for our lives and we cannot imagine doing anything else. However, practicing as independent physicians today has become unmanageable and unsustainable. A concierge medical practice allows us the ability to offer both enhanced practice benefits as well as our personal availability. It allows us to provide longer office visits, 24/7 availability, and no waiting room time.

Concierge medicine is care that patients deserve. We truly feel this is the environment we should all be practicing in, so patients will receive better care, less hurried visits from a less harried physician. Join today!

Carolina Concierge Care cares for patients 50 and over in the concierge medicine practice. 

Benefits of Concierge Medicine

  • 24/7 direct communications

    After hours, for urgent issues you can reach me by personal cell phone, email or text message.

  • Focus on preventive medicine and wellness

    We conduct a thorough assessment of your health which serves as the basis of your personalized wellness plan.

  • Longer, unhurried appointments

    Your Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment will be scheduled for 60 minutes and all other appointments for approximately 30 minutes. You will be seen as early as the same day, for acute visits.

  • Strong focus on healthy and happy aging

    We conduct a thorough assessment of your health to help preserve quality of life and foster independent living for as long as possible.

  • Personalized hospital care

    Should you need to be hospitalized, I will remain involved in your care and conduct courtesy visits on a case-by-case basis.

  • House calls

    If you are acutely ill and not able come to the office, a house call may be offered on a case-by-case basis, at my discretion.

Building Important Relationships

"What I love most about practicing in the concierge model is having more time to listen to my patients and spend more time building relationships. The current healthcare system in our country is broken. External forces continue to force physicians to move faster and faster during visits with our patients and it has become impossible not to worry about keeping up with your schedule each day. There have been countless times when I wished I had an hour set aside to hear a patient's whole story. In my concierge practice, I have the ability to get my patients into the office more quickly when they need and also to spend as much time with them as they require. I believe it is how medicine should be."

– Dr. DuBose

Latest Health News

Concierge Medicine

In a concierge (or membership) medical practice, the doctor makes a commitment to limit the number of patients to ensure adequate time and availability for each patient, and to provide an enhanced level of care. This level of care promotes wellness as we age and has been proven to be one of the most effective models for maintaining health.

Extended, unrushed visits enable physicians to spend meaningful time with patients, build relationships, and provide more comprehensive, proactive care than in traditional practices. If you do become ill—and we recognize that health is unpredictable—you will have peace of mind knowing that the doctor who knows you best will be available when needed. A call to my office or cell phone after hours can frequently prevent a trip to the emergency room or urgent care clinic. To make this possible, the patient pays an annual fee.