Personalized Nutrition Training for Adults

This service is available at our practice for whomever is interested. Concierge members of our practice receive a discount on this service.

Our Personalized Nutrition Training with Laurin Lee, NP, NTP, is a tailored nutrition program catering to individuals aiming to optimize their diet, manage chronic health conditions, or achieve specific wellness goals. Through comprehensive assessments and expert guidance, adults can receive personalized dietary plans and strategies to improve their overall health, energy levels, and long-term well-being.

Whether you are tired of being tired, sick of fad dieting or just looking to make healthier choices, Laurin can help you make lifestyle changes and stick with them. Click here to book 12 months (6.5 hours) of 1-on-1 consultation for a truly personalized nutrition plan for your health & fitness. 

What is an NTP?

A Nutritional Therapy Provider empowers individuals to become knowledgeable and responsible for their own health.

Why is nutrition important? 

Eating a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole food diet provides the fuel and essential building blocks the body needs to maintain health and balance. Our diet has evolved to quick, processed foods that are lacking essential nutrients, resulting in unwanted symptoms and health problems.

Is this a diet program?

No, this is not a diet program; this is a lifestyle. Most diets focus on elimination or restriction of certain foods, such as carbohydrates and fats. Laurin will teach historically traditional eating principles that include all types of macronutrients to promote a nutrient rich diet. The ultimate goal is to improve your overall health, using your diet to fuel your body.

How does this approach work?

This is a comprehensive, client-driven, bio-individualized approach. First, identify your reasons for wanting to change. Then, you and Laurin will partner together in the change process.

You will start with easy, maintainable steps, then build on these steps over the next several months. Before you know it, your changes will have become part of your lifestyle. You will be amazed at how quickly some of your symptoms improve!